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Gregorio Loe

My experience at American Homes of Tyler was Fantastic. My salesperson was Elise Dorsey and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase a home. American Homes is a No High Pressure Sales & always available and ready to answer any questions.

Jodie Pesce Lindsey

From the quality of homes to the helpfulness and amazing people I would tell anyone do not buy from anyone else. They are amazing

Princess and Javier Jimenez

The service and sales with American Homes was a pure pleasure. I would recommend anyone who is looking into a home go and talk to them. They are great! Sincerely - Princess and Javier Jimenez

Daniel Charland

We wish to take this opportunity to recommend Kevin Gardner and American Homes. In March of 2018, we purchased a beautiful double-wide Clayton home from them. From the time we first met Kevin in February 2017 to the present, both Kevin and American Homes have been honest, trustworthy, and very fast to respond to our questions and needs. Kevin is very patient, and worked through many, many difficulties as we shopped and then purchased our home. His calm, confident demeanor gave us confidence to keep working through the process, even when difficulties arose. He was so fast to respond to our emails and phone calls. When the home was delivered, the crew did a great job. Charles, their follow-up contractor, was also professional, courteous, and did excellent quality work in fixing the inevitable minor "flaws" that exist in any new home. We choose to buy from American Homes after comparison shopping at many other dealer; we became convinced that American Homes offered the best value out there, and their sales personnel took a sincere interest in helping us get the best product for us - never was there any pressure or pushing. The quality of the home we ordered was great, and the price was excellent, as well. We are very pleased with our new home - it has been such a blessing. We would not hesitate to recommend Kevin and the folks at American Homes. Sincerely, Daniel Charland Linden, TX

Bobbie Williamson

I visited several retailers in and around Tyler. They wouldn't even take the time to talk to me or see what type of home I was looking for. I drove around Tyler just trying to find a retailer that would take the time to visit with me. I located American Homes . Not only did the sales person talk to me but, the owner Mr. John Carl visited with me. I explained to them what my budget was and also I didn't have any land. Not only did they find me a new home but, a place to put it. I recommend American Homes if you are looking for a home.

Mr. & Mrs. Ellis

My husband and I worked with Kevin to buy our new home in June. Kevin was extremely helpful and made sure we understood everything, explaining the process and answering any question we had. Our home was set up and delivered as promised. Unfortunately, as it goes with any type of home, whether site built or manufactured, there were small defects that needed to be addressed and Kevin and Bobbie worked tirelessly to have everything fixed. We were especially impressed when an unforeseen issue arose 4 months after we purchased the home and they both did everything they could to make sure the problem was dealt with. Most companies would have just given us phone numbers to call and send us on our way, leaving us confused and overwhelmed, not knowing the first thing to getting our issues resolved. Never once have we felt like we were a bother. The entire office staff was very accommodating and we're very thankful that we chose American Homes for our home.

Don McCann

Congratulations to you and your team on your 6 month NPS scores (Customer Satisfaction Index). Under the NPS scoring system, 60% is considered world class service. Your team scored 75%!

It is obvious that your entire team is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and giving them more than what they normally would expect. Thanks for all your hard work !!!

Don McCann

General Manager

Schult Homes #932

James & Precious Davis

We would like to thank you for everything you did to help us get in our home. We are so pleased with this home. Thanks again for helping us!


James & Precious Davis

Rose Weiss


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with my new house. Your knowledge and amazing service put you way above the others in your field. I am so happy and lucky that I stumbled into your office when I did.

Thank You!

Rose Weiss

Bob Johnson


Thank you very much for your expertise in helping in designing and buying our home. We want you to know that we really appreciate all of the effort that you put forward. Thanks also for answering all the questions and the concerns that we both had during and since the purchase.

We realize that we were not always pleasant and as you know, downright impatient when it came to getting it on the lot, but with your experience, your cooler head prevailed. Again, thank you. Enclosed, please find gift certificates to take someone to dinner. We will see you soon.

Yours Truly,

Bob Johnson

Amber Dawn Cook

Dear John,

My husband and I first started looking for a new home in October 2006. After going to several other manufactured home businesses, I was fortunate to find your website while browsing one night. The very next day, I called your business and spoke with Jim Smith (which we later found out that we were both from Kansas!) He provided my husband Justin and me with enough information to make the drive to Tyler from Carthage to take a look. We were immediately helped by Angela Smith. Angela was very professional and friendly. We IMMEDIATELY felt welcomed and knew that this was where we were going to buy hour home. During this time, I went through an extended medical illness, and Angela was very patient with us during this hard time, as well as keeping us in her thoughts and prayers. Also during this time, my husband had to travel out of town for work for weeks at a time, and we decided to make a change in the home we wanted. Angela was happy to make the necessary changes to assure that we were happy with our choice. In the meantime, we were having issues trying to find the perfect land to place our beautiful new home on, and bless her heart, Angela worked overtime to help us find the land that we were wanting. I've never seen or known of anyone going out of their way to help out a customer as much as Angela has so far.

We signed the closing papers and a Monday, and within 24 hours, they started on the ground work. (It would have been that day, but it rained all day Monday, and the land was too muddy.) So far it has been 2 weeks and it has already been delivered and set up, ready for the water, septic, and electric companies (which will be done within the next week and a half.) Everything has gone so smoothly and fast, my head is spinning!! All of the workers who have been here have been friendly, professional, and best of all, quick! This is the first home for us, and wouldn't trade the home or our experience for anything else. I would recommend you to anyone in the market for a new manufactured home. We call ours a house. it has the same quality and workmanship as a site built home, but in half the time. Not only was Angela our angel, she has also become a great friend, as well as Jim and Billy. They have all been great, and went well beyond our expectations. Once again, we can't thank you and your crew enough for all the hard work to make our dream a reality. One more time: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Amber Dawn Cook

Jamie & Tom Uphold

Thank you for your time and efforts in creating our dream home. It was a pleasure. Looking forward to our final meeting!!

Jamie & Tom Uphold

Boyd Knau

Dear Mr. Carl:

We have had our Karsten manufactured home for almost a year, and we wanted to take this opportunity to express our complete satisfaction with both our home and the level of after the sale service that we have received from American Homes.

From the first time we visited your facility, we experienced firsthand attention to detail and genuine interest in our particular needs. Starting with the preparation of raw forested land to the actual placement of our home, the advice and direction you provided was priceless to first time manufactured home buyers. The level of quality in our Karsten home, from energy efficiency to construction and design, proved to be everything you said it would be. Without exception, visitors to our home have been amazed at the attention to detail and the site built look that Karsten provides.

However, everything being said, the most important thing to us is the response we have received when service was required to care for those little things that arise with the purchase of a new home. They exceeded our expectations.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend American Homes and Karsten to anyone desiring peace of mind, value, quality, and above all, exceptional service in their manufactured home buying experience.


Boyd Knau

Willie, Tina, Smokey

I would like to thank you and your staff for a great home and even better customer service.

The true test of any customer service is when things go wrong, Not when everything is perfect.

At the end of the home install we had some problems but you stepped up and took care of it and met us in the middle. This is the true test of any company when they are willing to go one step further than any other and make sure things are right!

We have a home that we love and even today I talked with a co-worker about your homes and how you stand behind them.

Thank you again

Willie, Tina, Smokey

Tim and Susan Laffitte

My husband and I first started exploring modular/manufactured homes back in 2006. We toured several factories and looked at many, many types of homes whenever we got the chance. The time was never quite right to buy until we moved to Louisiana in 2011 where my husband had some land.

I started doing serious research on the type of home we thought we wanted and found a website for Pine Mountain Cabins. I fell in love with the Columbine right away. We found they were manufactured in Athens, Tx and decided immediately to take a tour.

After the tour which left us certain this was what we wanted to buy we went to American Homes in Texas where we met Billy and John and talked to them a little bit about what we were looking for. They listened patiently and answered all of our questions.

Over the next few months we spent many hours talking in person, over the phone and by email with these two extremely patient gentlemen! This house was to be our retirment home and we wanted it as perfect as we could make it. We made many changes in what we wanted over those months and right up until we were sitting there ready to sign the final contract.

Thanks to Billy and John we have our perfect, beautiful retirement home. We have had people we don't even know come down our driveway to compliment us on our beautiful home and they can't believe it when we tell them it's a modular home!

The home has been complimented by everyone who has seen it and the comment we hear most often after how beautiful it is is " I can't believe this isn't a real house' Of course we tell them it IS a real house and in our opinion, even better built and of better quality.

We are so happy we found Athens to build our home and American

Homes to help us purchase it.

We recommend these two businesses to anyone and everyone looking for a quality built home that you can put your personal touch on. The process by which these homes are built and sold let us have much more of a home than we would ever have been able to afford building the traditional way.

We look forward to many, many years in our beautiful home!!

Thanks so much American Homes in Tyler and Athens Homes in Athens, Tx!!!

Tim and Susan Laffitte

John & Jane Young

Hi John,

We just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our Athens Home. Working with you and Jim & Angela Smith made the process so enjoyable and painless.

Before retiring, John was a building inspector. When he saw the quality and benefits of a home being built in a controlled environment, he knew the Athens Home was the way to go. Of course, I was sold at hearing that I could have my own floor plan:)

American Homes and Athens Homes...Way-to-go!

Thank you much.

John & Jane Young

Ray & Alean Arthur

Hi Billy & John,

We can't Thank You enough for the work you did coordinating the design and build of our "custom" Athens Home. Athens Homes built the home to "our" plans with even a few additions we didn't expect. The house is exactly what we asked for. I can't say enough good about the timely follow through, the quality construction and the delivery and setup. Everything went as planned! THANKS . . . .

Phyllis Thompson

I would like to thank all the staff at American Homes of Tyler for making my home buying experience a great one. I would especially like to thank Allen Breedlove and Dana for all the extra special care you took to make this as smoothly as possible. I am disabled and they both went out of their way to help me with my home selection, financing, and closing. I love my home and the care I received from the staff at American Homes. Thank you all again and God Bless you all.

Peter & Debra Blain

Thank you Allen, Kevin, John and all Staff at American Homes. You all have been wonderful to Debra and I. The staff (especially Allen) have gone out of their way to help us get into our new home. From helping us get a credit score or help rebuild our credit. All questions have been answered and I am sure Allen was fed up with our emails or phone calls. Dana was very profession and explained everything in closing.

Thanks again to everyone at American Homes.

Peter and Debra Blain

Patti Conner

Words can not express how much I appreciate everything John and Jackie did to make my experience at American Homes go so smoothly. They both went over and beyond the call of duty for me and their diligence allowed me to purchase the "custom home" of my dreams. They were knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole process. None of my questions went unanswered and none of my phone calls were ignored. They were always there to offer service with a smile. The customer service level I received from Jackie and John at American Homes was over the top! Jackie did not pressure me and he was very patient as I requested to look at the same home over and over again. John went out of his way to make sure that I got the exact floor plan that I wanted. He made sure that my last minute requests were handled. No wonder American Homes has an A+ rating with BBB! The whole team goes out of their way to make their customers happy. I would recommend Jackie and John and American Homes to anyone looking for a beautiful, affordable, well built, quality home. Thanks for everything! Jackie and John...YOU ROCK!

Stephen Labuda

My wife Nancy and I have been in our new Shult home bought through American Homes Tyler for about a month now. We have been exceptionally pleased with how the American Homes folks and especially John and Billy made it a painless and exciting home buying experience for us. We had some minor problems with the construction of the home, but his past Saturday two workers from the Shult / Clayton Homes factory in Waco cam out and re-did all the trim work in the kitchen, resurfaced the plywood subfloor where a bubble had appeared in the linoleum and patched some exposed nails in the roof. All work was accomplished in one eight-hour day. Now we have a perfect home in which to enjoy our retirement. We have a single father and his daughter who live with us and they too love this home. I cannot stress enoght how good John and Billy were through the entire acquisition process and for the followup troubleshooting time. I would recommend American Homes Tyler to anyone seeking a new, dependable and affordabe home.

Bill Smith

We love American Homes.

Linda Cook

Dear John, I just wanted to let you know that I love my new house and am getting settled in quite nicely. I want you to thank Allen for me...he is a great salesman and took the time to work with me to get me in the perfect house. Thank Dana as well for making the closing process go smoothly. You have a great team and I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends.


Linda Cook

Randy Rothrock

We bought our retirement home from American Homes in 2013 and have just finished our first year in it. Buying from American Homes started us off with two benefits that were not available from any other home dealer….(1) John Carl, the owner and (2) Billy Van Ryswyk, our salesman. In addition to being a couple of nice guys, there were (and I know still are):rnrn Businessmen who cared about the sale of a well constructed home to us.rnrn Committed to standing behind us whenever problems came up this past year. rnrn Knowledgeable & respected enough to get the room layout changes we wanted done by the factory.rnrn Never afraid to say they didn’t know an answer to a question and never too busy to find the answer.rnrn Either immediately available or very quick to return our calls and emails.rnrnIf you are about to spend tens of thousands on a home, don’t overlook the importance of who will be selling the home to you. It’s been my experience that almost 100% of salesmen will be your best friend before the sale. Find someone you can trust afterwards. Thankfully, we did!rnrnRandy & Jan Rothrock rn

Brad Bloomer

I can't stand salesmen. I prefer to see what products/options there are available and then make my own decision without someone breathing down my neck. With that said, I was completely pleased with Mr. Kevin Gardner and his ASSISTANCE with what we needed or wanted rather than PUSHING us into something we didn't want. He was very respectful and listened to what we thought we wanted and then offered a suggestion based on what we had told him which turned out to be the option we chose. We are happy with our home and Kevin made the purchasing process enjoyable. I would highly recommend buying from American Homes in Tyler and make sure you ask for Kevin!

Timothy & Marie Boh

We were finally financially able to get our new home. It took almost a year, but we did it. Our sales lady Elizabeth Bonnette was a doll,she worked with us, always polite, courteous and pleasant to deal with. She stood by us and worked with us as we had a lot of mountains to conquer. She along with her co-workers always answered every question we had, any time we called or stopped in. She walked us threw the process and gave us a time frame to expect our process would be. We are so very happy we had Elizabeth as our guide. Thank you all at American Homes, as we are now the proud owners of our beautiful home. We had been to all of the other companies around Tyler, TX and American Homes showed us professionalism, courtesy, and upmost RESPECT where the other companies didn't. Thank you again American Homes, we will highly recommend you to our friends and family.

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