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John & Jane Young
August 31, 2017
Willie, Tina, Smokey
August 31, 2017

My husband and I first started exploring modular/manufactured homes back in 2006. We toured several factories and looked at many, many types of homes whenever we got the chance. The time was never quite right to buy until we moved to Louisiana in 2011 where my husband had some land.

I started doing serious research on the type of home we thought we wanted and found a website for Pine Mountain Cabins. I fell in love with the Columbine right away. We found they were manufactured in Athens, Tx and decided immediately to take a tour.

After the tour which left us certain this was what we wanted to buy we went to American Homes in Texas where we met Billy and John and talked to them a little bit about what we were looking for. They listened patiently and answered all of our questions.

Over the next few months we spent many hours talking in person, over the phone and by email with these two extremely patient gentlemen! This house was to be our retirment home and we wanted it as perfect as we could make it. We made many changes in what we wanted over those months and right up until we were sitting there ready to sign the final contract.

Thanks to Billy and John we have our perfect, beautiful retirement home. We have had people we don’t even know come down our driveway to compliment us on our beautiful home and they can’t believe it when we tell them it’s a modular home!

The home has been complimented by everyone who has seen it and the comment we hear most often after how beautiful it is is ” I can’t believe this isn’t a real house’ Of course we tell them it IS a real house and in our opinion, even better built and of better quality.

We are so happy we found Athens to build our home and American

Homes to help us purchase it.

We recommend these two businesses to anyone and everyone looking for a quality built home that you can put your personal touch on. The process by which these homes are built and sold let us have much more of a home than we would ever have been able to afford building the traditional way.

We look forward to many, many years in our beautiful home!!

Thanks so much American Homes in Tyler and Athens Homes in Athens, Tx!!!

Tim and Susan Laffitte